Now You See Me movie paired with magical dishes

Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson & Isla Fisher

Rating 8/10


– Four magician-type people (Eisenberg, Harrelson, Fisher and Dave Franco) are in four different locations doing their thing, shocking people with their awesomeness, when a hooded figure appears and gives them each a card. They all make their way to a certain place in New York City at a certain time where their journey together begins.
– Fast-forward one year and they are now known as the Four Horsemen – big time Vegas magicians on centre stage shocking crowds with their incredible tricks including robbing a bank and showering their audience with money. How did they do it?
– Ex-magician, Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) films the ‘trick’ and works out how they did it much to the relief of FBI agent, Dylan Rhodes (Ruffalo) and Interpol agent Alma Dray who arrest the Four Horsemen but can’t make the charges stick. Funny that!
– There’s another show and another amazing swindle, then another, then the finale. The question on everyone’s lips is why they are doing it if they aren’t keeping the cash themselves! Twisty-twist. I won’t spoil the ‘whys’ and ‘whos’ – check it out for yourself.


Let’s go crazy with some molecular cooking that looks like magic but is more like science. I’ve never cooked with dry ice or anything but I’d be willing to give it a go if I knew for sure that I wasn’t going to freeze my dear little fingers off. Eeek. Yep, safety first, people. But if you’re keen to try this newish sensation, here are a few recipes to try. First is Stuffed Morels, Thyme Air, Port Gel, Oak Moss Dry Ice Vapor from Molecular Recipes. It’s a mouthful! I wonder what it tastes like!


I was glued from the first moment of this movie. I’m pretty bad at working out tricks so it was amazing to see what these crazy critters could get up to (even though it was in movie-land and all). I loved finding out just how they did it thanks to Morgan Freeman’s character but, in the end, I didn’t really understand the final reveal, ie what they were really doing it for. Can you explain?

The action sequences are electrifying as the FBI tries its best to catch the famous thieves (firstly) then bring them to justice. It seemed impossible for them. The twists are as fantastic as the magic tricks themselves. I loved the four actors who played the Horsemen and Ruffalo did an adequate job as usual – just his hairy, gruff self, really.

The only negative part was that there were a few loose ends that were really quite important, left dangling at the end which left me shaking my head and feeling a bit dumb but it was a really entertaining film and great to see it on the BIG screen.

Main meal:

Instead of steaming up with dry ice, our next dish bubbles -cute! It’s Sea Garnish – Edible Sand, Sea Foam and Seafood from the incredible team at Molecular Recipes. Wow!

Now You See Me trivia:

  • Budget – $75 million
  • The card trick at the start is no CGI, it’s done in real time, no editing. Pretty impressive.
  • An older cast was considered for the Four Horsemen including: Jim Carrey, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. What a different movie that would have been. No thank you.
  • Amanda Seyfried was to be cast as Henley, one of the Four Horsemen, but an agreement couldn’t be reached so it went to Aussie girl, Isla Fisher. Yay!
  • There are many subtle references to the magician Shrike throughout the movie. Did you spot them?


We can’t talk molecular cooking without a fabulous Heston Blumenthal recipe, right?! So he gets dessert and it is the amazing Heston Blumenthal’s Baked Alaska from Recipes4us.


Image: Recipes4us

Did you enjoy the ride? Could you understand all the twists?

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