All About Eve movie matched with Bette’s fave bites

Starring Bette Davis, Anne Baxter & George Sanders

Rating 8/10


– The incredible Bette Davis stars as superstar theatre actress, Margo Channing. She is at the top of her game, though worries about her age (40). Her biggest fan is Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter) who watches every performance, every night, standing near the stage door to get a glimpse at her idol.
– Karen Richards (Celeste Holm) is married to the playwright and, feeling sorry for the pathetic Eve, introduces her to Margo, who then adopts her as her own and then the trouble begins. Margo becomes jealous of perfect Eve who is a little too attentive to dear old Marg as if she is studying her. Eve gets a break and lands a role, herself, on Broadway. She turns a little nasty and becomes a acting sensation herself.


I wonder how close this movie gets to the ‘real’ world of Bette Davis herself. So, to honour her awesomeness let’s cook some of her favourite dishes according to the wide world web. And check out this lovely vintage article about the great lady and her fave food. As you can see in this clip, this Boston beauty would start a special meal with a bowl of Boston Baked Beans from A Family Feast. For the love of Pete don’t think tinned baked beans, this is the real deal, made from scratch. Serve it with Boston brown bread (if you can find it) or cheat with normal brown bread and enjoy eating like Bette!


Lies, deceit, conceit, ego and the stage. Review over! Not quite. No, there’s so much more in this intriguing movie, so many twists and turns and muchos emotion!

I loved this film. Previously, I had only heard of Bette Davis and hadn’t been exposed to her work. But now, I am a huge fan. She is weird-looking but, over time, beautiful and powerful. Her voice was gorgeous, she had such a powerful presence and was cast perfectly for this role.

The film had a great script and storyline to play with and all the cast did a top notch job. The voice overs were effective and I always love a full circle story, so complete and satisfying. It was fun seeing Marilyn Monroe before she was ridiculously famous; they had rather strange superstars in those days. Marilyn’s voice vs Bette’s voice was a little pathetic. Sorry Mazza.

Overall, this is a keeper. It definitely deserved to win Best Picture and Bette deserved to win Best Actress though she lost to Judy Holliday. Take a look inside the seedy, ego-drenched and fascinating world of Broadway. It’s 138 minutes of pure entertainment and emotion. Get cracking and check it out!! Let me know what you think.

Main meal:

According to the ye olde internet, our Bette loved digging into these tasty morsels, perhaps at a fancy-pants dinner party daaarling! Give these a go – Seared Scallops with Bacon from Martha Stewart. Serve them with a noice salad with a spot of homemade salad dressing – Bette would have liked that!

All About Eve Trivia:

  • Budget – $1,246,500
  • Claudette Colbert was booked to play Margo but withdrew injured just before filming began. What a different film that would have been!! Go Bette.
  • Some critics claim there are homosexual undercurrents in this film but for me that is a stretch! Unless I’m missing something. It was also criticised for being a homophobic film which I just don’t understand. Perhaps the film was so good they had to dig to find something wrong with it!!
  • Bette’s awesome croaky voice in the film was due to the fact her marriage was breaking up and she was continuously yelling at her husband. Poor Bette and poor hubby but lucky us!
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor was jealous of her husband’s (George Sanders who played Addison DeWitt) co-star, Marilyn Monroe, so she kept showing up on set to check out what was really going on!
  • All About Eve was made into a successful Broadway musical called Applause starring Lauren Bacall.


One of Bette’s favourite desserts was the aptly named Apple Brown Betty – which is a new one for me but it looks amazing so I’ll have to give it a whirl! This version adds a bit of berry action to the plain old apple which looks pretty and I reckon would taste delicious! Here’s the recipe for Blackberry and Apple Brown Betty recipe from Leite’s Culinaria.

Have you seen many Bette Davis movies? Wasn’t she great!

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