From Here To Eternity film matched with a Hawaiian luau


Image: STL Cooks

Starring Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift & Deborah Kerr

Rating 6/10

– It all happens in Hawaii. I love Hawaii!!! Private Robert E. Lee Prewitt  (Clift) is newest addition to Schofield Barracks. He has a chip on his shoulder and fear pouring out of every orifice. His bugling and boxing days behind him, Prewitt is constantly bullied by his superiors to join their boxing team. His mate, Private Angelo Maggio (Frank Sinatra) has his back and often joins him in the unjust punishments he has to endure. Then there’s First Sergeant Milton Warden (Lancaster) who has a taste for his Captain’s wife (Kerr). They have the famous two-second roll around in the sand as they embark on an illicit affair.
– Danger lurks around every corner as Prewitt and Maggio make enemies and suspect acquaintances with questionable females while intoxicated! Doom! We all know where it’s headed… Pearl Harbour, December 7th 1941. On the surface, this may seem like a love story, but really it’s all about warfare and how men and women both cope with the pressures and subsequent releases around them.


Oooo, are you ready to start your backyard, homemade Hawaiian luau? Then let’s get started with this yummy, sticky Hawaiian Chicken recipe from Big Island-Big Island.


This is not a love story, it’s a war story. It’s about what people do with war and death when it’s all around them. How power corrupts and unquestionable duty of the ‘good’ soldier.

This was an important film for Frank Sinatra and Ernest Borgnine. Both careers were previously in the doldrums then took off after this with Sinatra securing a record deal. I found the plot a little slow but quite interesting from a historical point of view. It was one of the first films to have a ‘rompy-pompy’ scene (you know the one!) and it had many references to the sex in the sand act, which was rare in those days. The loose girls at the New Congress Club are prostitutes, though never directly referred to as such. And affairs were only really talked about rather than shown but it seemed like the norm in this world, which was probably true.

The final scenes give this otherwise slow plot a good kick up the bum. The soldiers are distracted from their sex and boxing world to an even more serious reality… war! It is time for boys to become men and the beginning of a new war experience for the “best army in the world” (Prewitt). I just love films set in Hawaii, so this one was a delight to watch. The eye candy ain’t bad either with Lancaster’s beautiful shoulders and Sinatra’s skinny little frame and big blue eyes. Too cute.

Main meal:

This is where our luau gets serious! So get your pen, paper and write your shopping list cos here are some delicious Hawaiian recipes fit for a luau (and not too tricky as well). First, it’s Crock Pot Kalua Pork from Skinny Taste.

How cool is this purple bread? Pop a bit of slow-cooked pork on it and you will love it! It’s traditional Taro Bread from .


Image: Polynesia

And a salad on the side. Why not! It’s Hawaiian Grilled Shrimp Salad from Delish.


Image: Delish

And top off your amazing backyard luau with this beautifully icy Mai Tai drink from Hawaii Magazine.

From Here to Eternity Trivia:

  • Budget – $2.4 Million!
  • Montgomery Clift was so bad at boxing they had to use a double for the boxing scenes.
  • Clift was also really drunk in the street scene with Lancaster (who simply played drunk). Who’s the better actor then?
  • Sinatra’s career was going so badly he had to fight to be cast in this film! Thanks to then wife, Ava Gardner, he was successful. Imagine a world without old blue eyes!
  • The extras were all soldiers who had to be taught how to use the old army equipment filmmakers had found.
  • Lancaster was intimidated by Clift’s acting skill and dedication.
  • The rolling around in the surf idea was Lancaster’s. It was supposed to be a vertical kiss but steamy old Burt had other ideas.


But wait, there’s more! After a full belly of entree and mains, finish off your meal with this refreshing Hawaiian Salad, from STL Cooks – served in a coconut no less! How flash.


Image: STL Cooks

Have you ever been to a luau? So much fun!

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