Tom Jones movie matched with seductive servings

Starring Albert Finney, Susannah York & Hugh Griffith

Rating 5/10


– Hear Ye, Hear Ye. This here’s a tale of chuckles and gut grabbing (in a strictly laughing sense, not vomiting). Alas it seems that the Squire Allworthy (George Devine) has brought up a ‘bastard’ child as his own, a child that grows to be our Tom (Finney). Tom Jones, a man stuck in a world of duelling and swooning without a decent letter to his name.
– He is a kind hearted gentleman. If only he had legitimate parents, then he could wed his beloved sweetheart, Sophie Western (York). Alack, it is not to be, for dear Sophie has been promised to the Squire Allworthy’s dastardly nephew with the equally dastardly name, Blifil (David Warner). Oooo you just want to take him by the ear and kick him out on his ass, you do.
– Twist time. Bilfil’s mother, the widow Bridget (Rachel Kempson) suddenly dies after sending an important letter for the Squire to read. Evil Bilfil intercepts this letter with another twist contained and stashes it on his person for the great big reveal at the end! He and some fellas convince the stupid Squire Allworthy that poor Tom is a bad fella and needs a good walloping. With head held low, Allworthy kicks Tom out.
– Then Tom sets out on a journey filled with women, swordfights and corrupt officials. Meanwhile his beloved Sophie escapes the clutches of the scheming Bilfil, searching for her equally beloved Tom-daaaarling. They both end up in grand old London, narrowly missing each other, to build the suspense. Tom eventually finds himself being hanged and that, my dear readers is where we’ll leave you. For there are many twists to come.


Who could forget the saucy eating scene in this quirky little film, so I’ve based tonight’s menu on that very meal. First, good old Tom slurped on some hearty-looking soup and so shall we. Try this yummy Slow Cooker Minestrone from BBC Food.


Image: BBC Food


This was a ground breaking film. It begins as a silent film, who can say ‘BRILLIANT’?  Director Tony Richardson had way too much fun with this film. The daring Tony breaks all the rules of film, often getting rid of that 4th wall. His actors also defy the rules of cinema, acting and everything else with moving pictures and actually look at the camera.  Tom himself actually plays with the camera, hanging his hat on it at one stage. Tisk, tisk. But oh so good.

This is one of the first films to do this. And what a surprise it would have been to the audience. Back in the early 60s no one would have expected such defiant filmmaking. It was the birth of modern comedy so check it and let us know what you think!

Main meals:

Now our mate, Tom ate a few rounds of mains in his lusty meal and so shall we! First he ate lobster or crayfish – some kind of large, orange shellfish so here’s a lovely Grilled Lobster thermidor recipe from Delicious Magazine.

Then he chowed down on what looked like a whole juicy chicken carcass. To join him, let’s make our own Classic Roast Chicken from My Recipes.


Image: My Recipes

Last on our list of mains is the humble oyster which Tom and his lovely (?) lady slurped down in a fittingly seductive way before they moved on to dessert. If you’re into those slimy critters, here’s a delicious recipe for you to enjoy with Tom. It’s Grilled Oysters from Simply Recipes.

Tom Jones Trivia:

  • Budget – Around $1,000,000
  • Hugh Griffith, who played Squire Western, Sophie’s dad, was drunk during most of the filming which actually saved his life when his horse fell on him. Thankfully this was kept in the film so check it out!
  • The director was Rachel Kempson’s son-in-law and was married to Vanessa Redgrave. Yep it pays to know people who know people in Hollywood!
  • The path the horses ride on in the hunt scene clearly shows tyre marks…OOOPS!


Now our travelling lovers sank their teeth into some ripe-ish looking pears but that’s a tad boring, right?! So we’ll go with the pear theme for our dessert and eat this yummy sweetie instead! Ya dig!? Make this Wine-Poached Pears with Vanilla Mousse  from Simply Delicious.

Did you enjoy this film? What a menu too! Fun, fun, fun.

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