Rocky film paired with blokey 70s servings

Starring Sylvester Stallone, Burgess Meredith & Talia Shire

Rating 6/10


– Balboa (Stallone) is a boxer at the end of his career. He’s a cool dude, a nice guy with muscles. When he’s not boxing he’s working for a loan shark, intimidating customers. When heavyweight champ, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) loses his opponent to injury, he suggests finding a local talent to put on a show for the crowd. If the challenger wins, he takes home the title as World Champion. As if! Creed chooses the Italian Stallion, Balboa.
– Meanwhile, Rocky is getting all romantic with his friend’s sister Adrian (Shire) who is a shy little thing. They go out on a very funny and awkward date, then Balboa makes his move and they’re in love! Awwww. His focus then shifts to training: running, boxing and running, jogging, sprinting, punching large bags and carcasses, then more running, this time with a mean looking dog.
– Then it’s fight time. In one corner, there’s the humble Italian Stallion and in the other, the stars and stripes clad and cocky Creed. Who will be left standing?


Grunt, huff and sniff – well that’s what guys do, don’t they? Ha! Our first blokey 70s course is a plate of delicious meaty yummness called Comfort Meatballs from Food Network.


This is one film I watched for the love of Film and Food only. I’m sorry to say but I’m not big on boxing films, or Stallone for that matter. But, I confess I did like it … didn’t love it but appreciated the 70s vibe, the love story and the character of Rocky Balboa.

The music, the bouffant hair, the dramatic scenes with zooms were pretty cool, though. The first half plods by while the second is over before you can blink. Rocky and Adrian have a sweet romance – one might say it is true love. That will get the ladies watching and the punching, bloody scenes will keep the men keen.

I love a good rags to riches story. This is a film that ticks almost all of the Oscar boxes for me, but not quite. Perhaps because I’m not a huge fan of boxing. But it is a watchable film, so if you’re in the mood, check it out!

Main meal:

A buff man like Rocky Balboa would have to eat steak for dinner, right? And one of the best meaty recipes from the 1970s would have to be Pepper Steak – but we’re in the noughties aren’t we, so try out this slightly fancier version called Peppercorn Steak from Simply Recipes.

Rocky Trivia:

  • Budget – a mere $1 million
  • Stallone insisted he star in this film after selling the rights to producers, Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff.
  • It was shot in 28 days
  • Stallone wrote the script in three days … but then it was rewritten nine times.
  • The character of Rocky Balboa is actually named Robert Balboa!
  • Elvis wanted Stallone to bring him a copy of Rocky but Stallone was too scared of him so just sent the film.
  • Stallone’s dad rings the bell at the beginning of the fight and his brother is seen as one of the street people singing.
  • When Gazzo (Joe Spinell) uses the inhaler it was not in the script, Spinell was actually having an asthma attack.
  • The biggest expense was makeup.
Grab your tiny forks with long handles, choose your ingredients and get dipping in this deliciously 70s desserty experience called Chocolate Fondue from Taste.
Image: Taste
How good is the Rocky theme!? I can’t get it out of my mind. Are you a fan of the film?
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