Ghandi film matched with a tasty vegetarian meal

Starring Ben Kingsley, John Gielgud & Candice Bergen

Rating 4/10


– Gandhi (Kingsley) is an incredible, fearless and stubborn leader. He is driven by an intense desire to do good to everyone without lifting a violent finger. We first meet him when he is approaching the end of his life. Flashback to when he was a lawyer travelling to South Africa. Here he fights the segregation laws and defies government orders, peacefully. He brings such change that on his return to India he is hailed a hero.
– Born and raised in England, Ghandi feels like a stranger in his native land. When goes back there, Gandhi travels around the country to see what needs changing and how he can help in the fight for independence.
– This is an incredible part of the film. India is such a beautiful and varied place. I loved the montage of places and people. Gandhi takes this trip with his wife Kasturba Ghandi (Rohini Hattangadi) and Christian minister Reverend Charles Freer Andrews (Ian Charleson from Chariots of Fire).
– World War II hits and when it is finished the British give Gandhi and his country what they are after; independence. But then a sort of war breaks out between the Hindus and the Muslims. Not the peaceful, happy, joyful place Gandhi had envisioned. So he undertakes one of many hunger strikes resulting in the quelling of all violence.
– In the end India breaks up into two countries: Pakistan and India. Gandhi continues to try to bring peace to these two nations but things look dire. Then we are back to the beginning, a shot rings out the screen goes black.


Like Ghandi let’s go all out vegetarian (and slightly vegan) with our matching meal. For starters it’s an Indian/Chinese Vegetable Manchurian from Sailu’s Kitchen.


Ok. I know a film and justice lover shouldn’t say this but… FINALLY it’s over! Yep this is another epic, but not-so-epic film. Very long at 191 minutes. So much politics and talking and ageing. I feel a lot older now myself.

I loved the first half of this film. It was filled with such passion and courage and beauty. But it lost me in the second. I just cannot sit through numerous hunger strikes, political speeches and violence without wanting to nod off. The performances were incredible. Ben Kingsley earned his Best Actor Oscar. He must have worked overtime… geeesh.

There are many impressive actors in this film: John Mills, John Gielgud, Martin Sheen, Candice Bergen. We even get a glimpse of a very young Daniel Day-Lewis. If you have a few hours up your sleeve and you’re all settled in, by all means watch this film. It did win Best Picture and who am I to question that?

Main meal:

I’m a meat eater so vegetarian food has always been a bit of a mystery to me – so I had to Google what Paneer was for the following recipe. But I’m always up for new things so I may just have to make this delicious-looking Paneer Tikka Masala & wheat naan.

Ghandi Trivia:

  • Budget – a healthy $22 million
  • According to the Guiness World Records this film holds the record for the most extras in one scene – over 300 000
  • Kingsley looked so much like Gandhi that many thought he was the great man’s ghost
  • Ben Kingsley’s real name is Krishna Bhanji
  • Ironically Dustin Hoffman turned down the role of Gandhi to star in Tootsie, and lost the Best Actor gong to Kingsley
  • It took Richard Attenborough 18 years to get financing for the film – talk about persistence
Now for sweets tonight, I’ve gone vegan because I have no idea what vegetarians eat for dessert. Any ideas? I figure Ghandi would have liked this sweetie, but maybe with goats milk instead of coconut milk. But it’s close enough aye!? Here’s the delicious and kinda healthy Whipped Coconut Cream Chocolate Mousse from Baking Chic.
Share your favourite vegetarian recipes – I’d love to try them.
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