Amadeus movie matched with Austrian deliciousness


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Starring F.Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce & Elizabeth Berridge

Rating 8/10


– The film begins with an old Salieri (Abraham), Mozart’s enemy, attempting suicide. He has gone mad because he believes he killed Mozart (Hulce). Flashback! Salieri is the court composer in Vienna. A proud and God-fearing man, he cannot believe that God would give so much talent to such a pathetic human being. This plants a seed of jealousy that ultimately leads to disaster, for him and for Wolfie.
– Meanwhile, Mozart star is fully risen. He has married Constanze (Berridge) against his father’s wishes and spends his time partying and laughing (high-pitched crazy chortle). Mozart mocks Salieri’s music, which only makes him madder and more determined to bring the cackling fool down. Mozart writes opera after opera which Salieri causes to fail, slippery little snake.
– Mozart’s father dies and the money starts running out . Wolfie gets desperate. In a moment of utter genius Salieri dresses up as Mozart’s father and commissions him to write his father a requiem, which ends up being Wolfie’s own. Salieri pushes Mozart to finish the requiem, while working on The Magic Flute, knowing that all this work will eventually kill him. Which it does.


Madness and music in Vienna, Austria so guess which food goes with this movie? Crazy food? No. Musical food (all I could think of was baked beans)? No. Austrian recipes! Yay. So here’s your Viennese starter – it’s a little different but give it a go. It’s called Pancake Soup from Not Quite Nigella. Apparently Austrians used to make it from leftover pancakes (but there’s never any leftovers in my house). Enjoy!


This is a fascinating tale of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the most famous classical composers of all time. His talent was undeniable and his behaviour, bizarre, but in his heart he was a passionate lover of life.

Oh jealousy is a cancer. This film is smart, dramatic and beautiful – filled with revenge, hate, love and inspiring music.
F. Murray Abraham is brilliant as the scheming Salieri. He plays him simultaneously sweet and evil – certainly a Best Actor winning performance! Hulce is perfect as the crazy, intense Wolfie, though the mix of accents with all the characters was a bit strange.

Genius seems to lead to unhappiness. This is the message that drives this film. No matter how talented a person is, there is always someone around the corner, willing and able to bring them down. This is a powerful film, a fascinating look at a man that brought so much creativity, joy and passion through his gift of music. Check it out!

Main meal:

There’s nothing more Austrian than deep fried veal and potatoes – healthy isn’t it? But it looks amazing and surely one serving won’t hurt. Here’s a tasty Wiener Schnitzel from .


Image: Taste

Amadeus Trivia:

  • Budget – $18,000,000
  • Kenneth Branagh. Mel Gibson, Mick Jagger and Tim Curry were all in the running for the role of Mozart.
  • Hulce was inspired by the tantrums of John McEnroe.
  • Locations included: Vienna, Prague and the Count Nostitz Theatre where some of the Opera’s debuted 200 years before. Impressive…no?
  • The whole film was shot with natural light.
  • Music professionals who have studied this film found that all notes played on the piano were all spot on! Not one wrong note was played. Well done continuity.
  • The snacks that Berridge had to eat were made of marzipan. Not exactly delicious. She had to eat 15 and felt terribly sick by the end of the day.
  • When Abraham is dictating from Hulce, Hulce deliberately skipped lines in order for Abraham’s confusion to be real.


Oh how the Viennese love their desserts! Here’s a cracker – Sacher Torte – a chocolatey cake with jam in the middle. Drooling.


Image: iDiva

How scrumptious do these recipes look?! Have you had a film and food night yet?

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