Crash film paired with a cruisy Californian meal

Starring Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser & Sandra Bullock



– Los Angeles: A car crash, a murder and a couple of detectives, Waters (Cheadle) and Ria (Jennifer Esposito).
– Flashback: the previous day, an old Persian man Farhad (Shaun Toub) argues with his daughter and Farhad storms out after the shop keeper starts racially abusing him and his faithful daughter reluctantly buys a gun and ammo for her dad.
– Skip over to the wealthy side of town: District Attorney Rick Cabot (Fraser) and his wife, Jean (Bullock) are walking back to their car after a dinner date when they get mugged by two African-American fellas Anthony (Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges) and Peter (Larenz Tate) stealing Cabot’s black 4WD. Back at the his house the locks are being changed by Hispanic locksmith Daniel Ruiz (Michael Peña).
– Next we meet more of LAPD’s finest: Officer John Ryan (Dillon) and Tom Hansen (Ryan Phillippe) who  hear that the D.A’s car has been stolen then spot a similar one directly in front of them. Ryan orders the driver, African-American TV director Cameron Thayer (Terrence Howard) to step out of the car and his wife, Christine (Thandie Newton) kicks up a fuss and then experiences some tough and invasive police treatment.
– Then things get complicated and these characters start crossing paths in the most incredible way.


LA is a diverse city with equally diverse food, culturally and culinarily (is that a word?). It’s a little bit tropical, quite multicultural and drowning in cool cat pop culture. So for a spot of LA fun try these cute mini tacos.


This is such a smart film with an amazing cast and a raw and honest message. I LOVE IT! It’s been seven years since this film won the Oscar for Best Picture and it’s still as relevant today as it was way back then! Crash is one of those rare films that dares to dig beneath the shiny surface of Western culture and what it finds is far from pretty. I love that it bravely throws everything that’s politically correct out the window as it tackles themes like racism, fear and paranoia in modern America and I reckon that’s why it won Best Picture.

There are twists and turns that will shock, delight and upset you but it’s worth the ride. In the end there is hope, redemption and that’s what makes it such a satisfying film. It doesn’t leave you completely shattered, rocking in the corner, deep in despair. It feels real because it is unafraid to portray characters that are three dimensional, that simultaneously have the capacity for such good and also such devastating flaws that drive them to do terrible things.

If you haven’t seen this film, put it on your bucket list! It will not leave you disappointed. Here’s a clippo!

Main meal: 

LA is famous for its burgers and one in particular; the ‘In-N-Out’ burger and I can say from personal experience it lives up to the hype. So slap this Copycat In-N-Out Burger and bring some LA magic into your living room as you watch the awesome, Crash.

Crash Trivia:

  • Budget – only $7 million
  • Heath Ledger was considered to play the role of Hansen.
  • Bullock loved the film so much, she bought her own plane ticket to travel to the set.
  • The D.A’s house is actually director, Paul Haggis’ home. Nice one Haggis!
  • John Cusack was to play the D.A
  • Two Korean actors were cast as the ‘chinese’ couple to prove that most non-Asians can’t tell the difference between Asian nationalities and just prefer to call them ‘chinese’ without thinking about it!
  • Bullock is only on screen for six minutes.
When you think of California what pops into your mind? Sun, surf, movie stars and fruit, right? Well here’s a super-yummy dessert for a balmy summer (or cosy winter) night. Looks pretty easy too! Here it is… California Plum Sorbet.
Plum Sorbet
What’s your favourite Californian food-type meal?
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