The King’s Speech film paired with British food

Starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush & Helena Bonham Carter

Rating 9/10


-Prince Albert (Firth), the second son of King George V, with wife Elizabeth(Bonham Carter) at his side fumbles an important speech – awkward!  So, Liz takes him to see the unorthodox speech therapist and all ’round Aussie good guy, Lionel Logue (Rush).
– When his dad, King George V dies, his oldest son, David (Guy Pearce) becomes King Edward VIII but his affair with a married woman drives him to abdicate the throne.
– So nervous Albert becomes King and is not that happy because of his speech impediment. But Logue gets to the bottom of Bertie’s personal problems and prepares Albert for his coronation where he will become King George VI and everything goes swimmingly.
– When war is declared, it’s up to the new King to announce it to his people, which is a pretty big moment. Then the King speaks and everyone cheers!


How’s this for a modern twist on a British fave? The Brits are a huge fan of good old chutney and this combo of Bacon, fennel and apple on sliced, toasted baguette will put you in a royally English mood. Here’s the the recipe


Image: Delish


This movie was a huge hit in Australia. I remember our local cinema had lines out the door – it was cheap Tuesday, I must admit – but still! For some reason, people are super-curious when it comes to the Royal family, probably because we can only assume what goes on behind those large closed doors. And damn it, we want to know the real Royals don’t we? I do.

This film is an easy watch. The characters are fascinating and Logue is typically Aussie in the way that he relates to His Majesty. He is down-to-earth and a little disrespectful but his techniques work and the fellas soon become firm friends.

The performances are impeccable, the story is intriguing and the ending is uplifting. It’s just a well-made, enjoyable piece of cinema. Check it out for yourself! Here’s a clip.

Main meal:

When you think best British food, you cannot go past Jamie Oliver. And for a super-traditional movie-friendly food, I’ve chosen the humble Cornish beef pasty by Jamie. Golden, crunchy, hot and delicious. Make this now and then sit, eat, watch and enjoy. Yummo.

The King’s Speech Trivia:

  • Budget – $15 million
  • Logue’s son, Dr Valentine Logue, agreed to share his father’s notebooks with screenwriter, David Seidler if it was alright with the Queen mum. She said yes but after she was gone and Seidler respected this, waiting until her death in 2002 to develop the story.
  • Pearce is actually 7 years younger than Firth making him a strange casting choice for the role of older brother, David.
  • This is Timothy Spall’s second crack in the same year at playing Winston Churchill.
  • Paul Bettany was considered for the role of Bertie.
  • This film is an Australian co-production and is the first (part) Aussie flick to win Best Picture.
  • Quotes from Logue’s diary are included in the film eg: Logue -“You still stammered on the W” / King George VI “I had to throw in a few so they would know it was me”.
  • Director Tom Hooper won the Oscar for Best Director with his first film.


Ah, dessert, the most important meal of the day – or not! But it is the most delicious and you cannot pass up this scrumptious English dessert – the Eton Mess: strawberries, cream and (my favourite) meringues. Dig in!

The real King’s speech:

Did you love this movie as much as I did?

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