No Country for Old Men film matched with Texas tucker


Image: Chow

Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem & Josh Brolin

Rating 8/10


– It’s 1980 and Ed Tom Bell (Jones) is the Sheriff of West Texas. He is nearing the end of his career and feeling a tad useless.
– Hunter Llewelyn Moss (Brolin) stumbles across a drug deal gone bad and finds an injured man who begs him for water. Moss takes him back to his trailer along with a bag with $2 million inside. But soon, Moss is chased away by strange men so he grabs the money and his wife, Carla Jean (Kelly Macdonald) and runs.
–  Meanwhile murderous hitman Anton Chigurh (Bardem) has been hired to find the money and so begins his murderous rampage.
-Moss has hidden himself away in a motel and this is when he finds a tracking device with the money. But it’s too late. Chigurh finds him and they start a good old-fashioned firefight and Moss escapes across the border and ends up in a Mexican hospital. He meets Carson Wells (Woody Harrelson) who is also after the money.
– Chigurh is down but not out and isn’t one to give in. And so it goes…


Southern food is one of my all time favourite styles of American cuisine; it’s spicy, tasty and a little bit naughty – perfect for this film. So whip up a batch of these delicious Buffalo Wings and enjoy!

Buffalo wings

Image: Chow


In our household we LOVE the Coen brothers’ films but sometimes they are just a smidgen too violent for this old softy. This is a pretty full on movie. But some say this is the best Coen brothers film with it’s black comedy, tension and extreme violence. With its Hitchcockian suspense and incredible cinematography this film is a worthy Best Picture winner. The performances are amazing, Tommy Lee Jones is always such a star and Bardem as the murderous hitman is terrifying. It’s an amazing movie just make sure you’ve got the stomach for it as there’s a lot of bloody violence which is not for everyone.

Main meal:

If you’re on the run in Texas you’ve got to have something fast and portable and this amazing Texas burger with ranch dressing is the ultimate homemade southern fast food. Add a bowl of spicy fries, a beer or your favourite soft drink and you’ve got yourself a fun, tasty Texan meal.

No Country for old men Trivia:

  • Budget – $25 million
  • Chigurh’s weapon, the captive bolt pistol is usually used to kill cows before they’re made into meat! They use this weapon so bullets won’t go flying willy nilly.
  • The editor of this film, Roderick Jaynes doesn’t exist. He is a pseudonym for the Coen brothers who have always edited their films themselves. The Guild doesn’t allow 2 editors to both be credited on the same film for some strange reason.
  • Jaynes was nominated for an Oscar for Fargo and this film but has never won.
  • The murder of the judge (that the Sheriff talks about ) is based on the shooting of real judge John Howland Wood who was killed by contract killer Charles Harrelson, Woody Harrelson’s father!!
  • Bardem hates violence.
  • Bardem was also the first Spanish actor to win an Oscar.
  • Chigurh kills or tries to kill nearly every person he talks to in the film except for a few random characters.


So, I’ve saved the best for last, once again. Are you ready? When watching No Country… you must, you have to make this amazing Texas Monthly Pecan Pie from Sweet Life Bake. You will probably need something super-sweet after this hectic movie so enjoy!

Are you a fan of this movie or did it freak you out?

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